Research Project

A swallowtail butterfly feeds on showy milkweed at the tail end of their flowering season, Okanagan river.

Impact Awards Project: Participatory Puppetry

Community-based puppet theatre project is intended to animate the interconnectedness of riparian habitats Okanagan and Similkameen valleys.

Photo source: National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation

Changing times, changing legacies?

Impact Award project: ‘Dear St. Eugene’: Residential Schools, Public Engagement and the Erasure of Trauma in (a Post-Truth and Reconciliation) Canada

Impact Award project ‘Interactive Visualization of Digital Archaeological Collections on Open Context’

Research team introduces project to develop tools for navigating and exploring digital archaeological collections on Web-based platforms

Research project by Brigitte Le Normand: Rijeka in flux

Research project by Brigitte Le Normand: Rijeka in flux

Combining scientific research, dissemination, and participation; telling the story of Rijeka in multiple languages.