The Public Humanities Hub Okanagan works to identify best practices in humanities capacity-building and support research culture at both the Okanagan and Vancouver campuses of UBC.

The Public Humanities Hub (PHH-O) at UBC Okanagan extends the UBC research cluster strategy to foster research excellence and develop Humanities collaborations with public-facing research and programming.

PUblic HUMANITIES hub Co-directors

Dr. Jodey Castricano and Dr. Jessica Stites-Mor are the Co-Directors for the Public Humanities Hub Okanagan.

Jodey Castricano

Jodey Castricano

Jodey Castricano is a Professor of English in the Department of English and Cultural Studies. Dr. Castricano’s publication record shows a diverse range of scholarly work ranging from literary studies to critical theory, including queer theory, gothic studies, critical animal studies and ecofeminism.

Castricano’s research interests include 19th-century studies, including gothic studies and psychoanalysis (Freud/Jung); critical animal studies; ecofeminism; critical and literary theory, film and media studies; feminist and queer theory; ethics; social activism.

Jessica Stites-Mor

Jessica Stites-Mor

Jessica Stites-Mor is an Associate Professor of History in the Department of History and Sociology. Dr. Stites-Mor is currently researching transnational solidarity movements, focusing on the particularities of South-South political activism, and has recently completed work on an edited volume that examines notions of citizenship, human rights and political community in transnational solidarity movements across the Global South during the Cold War.

As a cultural historian, her teaching frequently involves the exploration of art, performance, craft, and media technologies.

Steering Committee

Sakiru Adebayo | Assistant Professor, English and Cultural Studies

Sajni Lacey| Learning and Curriculum Support Librarian

Astrida Neimanis | Associate Professor, English and Cultural Studies; Community, Culture and Global Studies

Ondine Park | Assistant Professor, Sociology

Brianna Wells | PHH-O Strategic Advisor, Research Development Officer (Social Sciences & Humanities), ORS

Vision and Mission

It is the mission of the PHH-O to work beyond disciplinary and campus boundaries to address problems and find solutions through public conversations.

The Public Humanities Hub-Okanagan (PHH-O) supports research that embraces an interdisciplinary approach to the humanities. The humanities include history, gender studies, sociology, philosophy, religion, performing arts, visual arts, literature, cultural studies, anthropology. The PHH also includes scholars located in other disciplines not traditionally included in the humanities, who use comparable methodologies and concern themselves with questions of value and meaning.

Public humanities are understood at the University of British Columbia Okanagan (UBCO) as a field of engagement between members of many publics both on and off campus interested in fostering dialogue in both virtual and physical spaces in order to collectively reflect and engage in conversation about contemporary issues facing society today. Added to this, it is the mission of the PHH-O to work beyond disciplinary and campus boundaries to address problems and find solutions through public conversations. The PHH-O acknowledges that there are many publics in the Okanagan, on unceded Syilx territory.

The PHH-O was founded in 2019 as a cross campus initiative between UBC, Vancouver (UBCV) and UBCO to foster critically engaged and expansive spaces for the humanities in the Okanagan that address real-time challenges facing society, from climate change to social justice, to dialogue about civil society, history, and culture. Through research and knowledge sharing, the PHH-O brings faculty, graduate, and undergraduate students together with community partners representing a range of stakeholders to raise the profile of the humanities both on our campus and in our community. Engagement is fostered in the PHH-O through various forms of learning and sharing that ranges from collaborative conversations and lectures at community centres, galleries, restaurants, and parks, to exhibitions, conferences, performances, and other programs and interventions that tackle topics such as history, applied philosophy, popular culture, media, the arts, and other matters of public interest. Some of the innovative outputs from the PHH-O members include podcasts, open access publications, dynamic presentations, and the co-creation of new projects that inspire action and capacity building.

The PHH-O believes that the public humanities have a critical role to play in shaping our future, and as such aims to increase recognition of public humanities within the university, and increase access to relevant training opportunities. To do this, the PHH-O envisions new futures in the Okanagan through collaborative research and sharing by:

  • Promoting inclusive efforts between various publics throughout the Okanagan to inspire dialogue and respectful exchanges;
  • Creating funding mechanisms and training opportunities to support innovation, collaboration, and dialogue that mobilizes social change;
  • Inspiring new projects that bring together diverse perspectives, methods, and expertise to tackle lived-realities that raise awareness of real-time issues; and
  • Promoting an understanding and recognition of the value of public humanities within academia and in our broader communities.


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Public Humanities Hub Vancouver

UBC-V’s Public Humanities Hub is a three-year pilot project established in 2019 to foster and support collaborative research and to highlight and develop public-facing research in the Humanities in Arts, Law, and Education, at UBC-V.

Public Humanities Hub Vancouver