Call for Applications: UBCO Pre-Tenured Faculty Residential Writing Retreat

Applications are open for a 4-day Residential Writing Retreat at the Myra Canyon Lodge + Ranch, Kelowna from April 15th to 19th.

The goal of this retreat is to provide attendees with dedicated and distraction-free writing away from home and campus. Attendees will thus have the opportunity to work fully on their own research outputs, engage with each other’s work, and pave the way towards future research collaborations and publications. The event will also feature an editor from Duke University Press, who will lead a session on how to navigate publishing your first monograph.

Eligibility Criteria

In order to be eligible for this residential writing retreat, you must:

Day-by-day Retreat Program

The first day will include the Editor’s presentation, introductions, and goal-setting. The presentation will have time built in for question and answer sessions, and for participants to present their projects and receive detailed feedback, if they so wish. On the following three days, the majority of the time will be spent writing individually with lateral support that includes: daily intention setting; structured, quiet-only writing hours; self-organized collaboration and peer review meetings in breakout rooms. Scheduled rest and recreation ensures that faculty can reset for productive writing.

In order to accommodate dietary restrictions and to minimize distractions from writing, a cooking and cleaning roster will ensure light meal preparation workload and equitable distribution among attendees. Attendees will provide their own breakfast and snacks.

At the end days 2 and 3, 15-minute presentation slots (with additional time for questions and discussion) will allow attendees to present their work-in-progress to obtain feedback or support on problem areas. The final activity of Event 1 will be a collective debrief/reflection session to contribute to reporting and public reflection outputs.

Application Information

In order to apply, please send an email with subject “2023 Writing Retreat” to :

  • Your name, departmental affiliation and email address
  • A short abstract (maximum 300 words) detailing the research output that you will work on during the retreat


In line with the PHH-O’s commitment to diversity and equity, applications from traditionally underrepresented groups in academia will be prioritized.

This retreat is supported by the UBCO’s Public Humanities Hub and organized by Drs. Nikhita Obeegadoo, Emily Murphy, and Sakiru Adebayo.